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With roots as one of the earliest American auto manufacturer's, Dodge has plenty of experience creating high-quality vehicles. The modern Dodge brand specializes in muscular, stylish vehicles that will have you enjoying your ride and pedestrians turning their heads. Explore the different options on the Dodge lineup today at Liccardi Chrysler Dodge Ram.

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is a classic two-door muscle car with plenty of power and an intimidating look. Although the exterior calls back to the past, the interior tech and engineering is all state of the art and ready to go.

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Dodge Charger

This is a classic four-door muscle car that can satisfy your need for excitement while still maintaining plenty of practicality. The Charger offers a variety of trim levels and upgrades so you can build it to be anywhere from a sharp-looking daily driver to a track-ready hell-raiser.

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Dodge Durango

This full-size SUV is ready to wow you with its powerful engine and performance-ready stance. Most SUVs lack style and excitement, but the Dodge Durango doubles down on both. Drivers who need some extra space for the family, but don't want to quite switch out for a minivan should go with the much-hailed Durango.

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Dodge Grand Caravan

If you need the most backseat comfort and space you can get, then the Dodge Grand Caravan is a great option for you. Unlike other minivans, the Grand Caravan focuses on delivering an exciting, responsive ride on top of all the other benefits a minivan offers.

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Dodge Journey

This unique SUV is a great option for drivers who need some extra space and capabilities, but also want plenty of maneuverability. The Dodge Journey is perfect for adventurous drivers who may need to get a little dirty now and then. This is a perfect option for drivers who may not need the capabilities of the Durango, but still need the space and safety an SUV offers.

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